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Artist Profile: Anurag Mehta

The Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur- A watercolor painting of the hotel by Anurag Mehta

India can overwhelm you with its colors- I have always felt that the reds there looked more red (redder?!) than anywhere else and vivid pinks, yellows and oranges are everywhere.
But look at it through a watercolorist's eyes and you will begin to appreciate the subtler nuances. Anurag Mehta is an amazingly talented watercolor artist living in the exotic City of Lakes, Udaipur in the northern state of Rajasthan in India.
His paintings evoke a gentler Rajasthan, where the sun dances on the waters and the cool shadows of the haveli's (traditional mansions) beckon you....

Watercolor Painting "Jaisalmer" by Anurag

Image from wikipedia: Facade of a mansion in Jaisalmer.

He is inspired by cityscapes and the architecture that surrounds him. Rajasthan is famous throughout the world for its cities full of forts and palaces and their amazing architecture. They are captured in intricate detail by Anurag and the city takes on a gentler hue.

A haveli - the traditional mansion.

"Small temples"

He says "big gates and narrow streets are a peculiarity of the Lake city", Udaipur as you can see in this painting below, Moti Chouhatta (chouhatta: 4 markets together).

Moti Chouhatta

He juxtaposes the old architecture with contemporary street scenes that shows us the India of today - a country full of contradictions. His painting entitled Jodhpur is a picture of the old Rajasthani city of Jodhpur. Many of these cities are surrounded by a wall that protects the city and the wall is interspersed by gates - arched entryways as seen below. The old structure stands out like a quiet sentry in the middle of the busy street below. (Do note the Pepsi banner!)


"Hathi Pole" gate in Udaipur

I could go on and on because two of my favorites, watercolor paintings and Rajasthan, have been brought together, and that too by such a talented artist but to read what Anurag has to say and see more of his paintings, hop on over to his blog "Watercolor.. My Love".

All the painting images are courtesy of and copyrighted to Anurag Mehta.

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GALLERY kuma said...

well made site & good collection of daily reads, Anurag's work as always a delight to viewers. keep it up

Sampoorna said...

Amazing work. How do you get to know about these painters who are so good at their work?


Aditi said...

@Gallery Kuma, Thank you!

@Sampoorna, I love art and am always on the lookout for artists whose work moves me. Sometimes, I just happen onto their work by chance!

Aditi said...

Some comments are not showing up even after I approve them. so I am pasting Anurag's comment here.

ANURAG MEHTA has left a new comment on your post "Artist Profile: Anurag Mehta":

Aditi,I am very much grateful to you that you have featured me on your blog and admired me more than I deserve...You are very right,Aditi,India and especially Rajasthan is very colorful and the culture of it makes colors more bright than they are.Have you visited Rajasthan..if not then I invite you to be here and feel it once ...

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Posted by ANURAG MEHTA to Once Upon A Tea Time at April 29, 2009 8:54 PM

hedda said...

what a wonderful blog you have. stunning.

Aditi said...

@Anurag, Glad you liked the post! I have visited Rajasthan but it was many years ago. Thanks for the invitation, its definitely time for another visit :)

@Hedda, Thank you!

Dee said...

What enchanting images!

Anonymous said...

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RAJ TIWARI said...


RAJ TIWARI said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Anurag Sir! To see your paintings & blog is truely a treat for the eyes & mind of beholder. Such an exquisite art pieces can be created by you only. None can replicate or over do your idea & vision.
Ratna Sharma

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