Saturday, April 25, 2009

Artist Profile: Vimal

One of the greatest pleasures of blogging has been meeting so many creative people. Artists, designers, photographers, quilters, storytellers. 
Today I want to introduce you to Bangalore, India- based artist, Vimal. Watercolors, pencil sketches, digital painting- he is well versed in all three media though he says watercolor painting is his favorite because of its simplicity and of course, he can quickly create magic with a stroke of the brush.....

I love the flamboyance of the guard and the steam engine.

Vimal hasn't received any formal training but he says his father and his teachers at school taught him some basic techniques and the rest is inspiration and trial and error....

And what is his inspiration?
Vimal: "I am fascinated by water color simplicity, graphite realism, digital fantasy, art, creative ads, street and fashion photography..... beauty of my native Kerala, city spaces, streets of Bangalore"

I am no expert but he does seem to work fast with his water colors (1-2 hours) though he says the graphite sketches can take him 30-40 hours.

Grandpa, One more story, Please....

Now, you have seen how talented he is but I strongly urge you to brace yourself because the next few pictures may blow you away ......

Loneliness by Vimal

More paintings and the inspiration behind them can be found at his blog, violet
When I first came across his blog, I thought "what an amazing artist" but it does not stop there because Vimal, who is a software engineer by day, also designs posters and ads for local NGO's and friends.

  I am honored to be featuring his work! 
All images are courtesy of and copyrighted to Vimal.

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Update 4/28: If you would like to contact Vimal re his paintings  or to commission an artwork, please send him an email at


Patricia Torres said... meet talented people when blogging!! Well done.. His paintings are lovely!

Aditi said...

Yes, and i love the different stages of the painting and of course, watercolors are my favorite- they always seem to soften the edges of life.

Vinita said...

What a talented artist. I did visit his blog but could not post a comment because it has only Google account profile and not Name/URl. But please let him know what an amazing work he does and what a god given gift and talent he has. If he can paint/graphite from a photograph I would certainly like to get something done provided he is ready and has the time.(so would like to know how much he charges and the mailing cost to US..just for information because his work is priceless)


Aditi said...

Hi Vinita,
I have forwarded your comment to Vimal and I agree, the talent and work are priceless!

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