Sunday, October 11, 2009

Going green with My Sunny Balcony

balcony |ˈbalkənē|noun ( pl. -nies)
a platform enclosed by a wall or balustrade on the outside of a building, with access from an upper-floor window or door; the balcony of the hotel: veranda, terrace, balustrade, patio.
Image from My Sunny Balcony

The first in the series on creative people from around the world is Reena Chengappa of My Sunny Balcony, who left her corporate-world career to create green oases in the middle of the city. Reena and three friends, Shailesh Deshpande, Sriram Aravamudan and Athreya Chidambi, got together and started My Sunny Balcony, an organization of garden enthusiasts, that transforms concrete balconies/patios in apartments in the city of Bangalore, India into lush gardens. This is what they have to say, "With almost no space left in the city for home gardens, we've decided to take our gardens up the elevator and into your balconies and terraces."

Image from My Sunny Balcony

How lovely is that! They believe in sustainable gardening practices. They started making over the balconies/patios of friends and family and the word spread until they could quit their day jobs and take up their passion full time. And what a great career change- I can't think of anything better than creating a garden for someone and watch it bring joy to their lives.

Image from My Sunny Balcony

The team painted Warli art on the walls of a balcony they designed as a "happy, rustic corner."

Image from My Sunny Balcony

Watch the transformation here...

In the next post, pictures from Reena's gorgeous antique-filled apartment!

All images courtesy of My Sunny Balcony. Visit their website to learn more.


naveen said...

that's really nice balcony video ,its very nice, and ur images are not showing display

Aditi said...

Sorry! Just fixed the Flickr issue. Hope you can see them now.

Reena said...

hey aditi,
thanks! the images are still not available :)


Aditi said...

Sorry! Apparently, a problem with Flickr and the Facebook link. If you still can't see it, let me know.

Altaner said...

Tak for deling ..!


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