Monday, December 7, 2009

Guest post: Archana Srinivas of Rang Decor

Hello everyone, this is Archana from Rang Decor and this is my first guest post ever and I would like to thank Priya for inviting me to do this post.
I would also like to congratulate 'Once Upon a Tea Time... Design Stories' for completing one whole year of great design ideas. All the very best.
Image copyright Archana Srinivas
An Annapakshi Lamp

Today I want to share with you all some ideas for brightening up corners of our homes with traditional Indian brass lamps.
Oh yes, we do use them during festivals and special occasions to illuminate our homes, but how about using them in our everyday life to bring beauty into our home decor.

Here are some arrangements from my home.
Image copyright Archana Srinivas
This is the traditional Gajalakshmi Lamp against our orange wall.

Image copyright Archana Srinivas

A 'Paavai Lamp' ( A lady holding a diya) teamed with a beautiful potted plant adds immense beauty to a tiny chest.

Image copyright Archana Srinivas
My old traditional board game 'Pallanguzhi' is used as a stand for a centre table arrangement with simple brass diyas.

Image copyright Archana Srinivas
Float some flowers in the simple brass diyas and see it get transformed into a lovely centre piece.

Image copyright Archana Srinivas
A small 'Paavai Lamp' adding it's charm to an arrangement on the window sill.

Image copyright Archana Srinivas

Image copyright Archana Srinivas
A miniature 'Kerala Lamp' adds its Indian beauty to my dresser and on the study table.

Hope you found these simple arrangements interesting. So don't wait for special occasions to take out your traditional brass lamps, make everyday special by creating your own arrangements. Let your creativity flow:-)

( All images by Archana Srinivas)


Once Upon A Tea Time said...

I am a big fan of Rang Decor and I was thrilled when Archana agreed to do a guest post for me. The warmth and elegance of India reaches across the miles via her beautiful photos.

sudha said...


Great to see two very creative bloggers exchange ideas :).

Archana, as usual all pics are so pretty. I too use the kaarthigai lamps and the pallanguzhi in combo

Devi said...

Awesome..I guess I developed this brass love from all your beautiful pics

arundati said...

lovely post... great ideas...i love that plant with the speckled leaves... what is it??

Iniyaal said...

The pallankuzhi arrangement is so very beautiful... So is the paavai vilakku with potted plants.

Is tehre an easy way to maintain these brass lamps too... cos keeping them for daily display means the small details on them will have to be cleaned ergularly.

Reva Garde said... those brass diyas. Where can I find some to buy?

Shalini said...

Always love Arch's ideas on home decor. She brings a nice freshness to the way she does things. Beautiful arrangements Arch!

Divya said...

I love Rang Decor, and so glad you featured Archana. Love the very elegant and rich decor ideas, Archana. The 'Pallanguzhi' is most intriguing!

pRiyA said...

Oooooo....this is incredibly beautiful. But of course, it's Archana's! :-)

Btw, what is that third potted plant? Never seen anything like it before. Does it flower?

deepazartz said...


The pics are amazing....gr8 feel.
Lovely plant...the pallanguzhi arrangemnt is superb!Matter of fact, they are all wonderful arrangement.

Happy Bloanniversary, Priya!

vineeta said...

Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous post- this is vintage Archana- the pallankuzhi arrangement is brilliant- no one does it like you arch :)
And Once Upon a Tea Time' what a phenomenal idea to get archana to do a guest post for you!

Anu said...

Very nice. Archana, where do you get your tiles - love the one here - its pic 7 I think.

Trendiya said...

thats very creative use of Indian brass items.
Why to use them on festival or for pooja at home when one can use as fabulous artifacts too.

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely post! There are so many things I would like to comment about but my favourites are the window sill arrangement with the Buddha head and the photo of the carved wooden boardgame. I have the African equivalent, also with a rich patina.

Arch at Rang said...

Thanks a lot each and everyone:-)

Arundati, Priya,- The dotted plant was so lovely I picked it up from one of the nurseries, I don't know the name...will find out and yes, they have pink flowers:-)

Reva- Brass Diyas, if you go to Chennai, you might find some nice ones in a shop called Giri traders in Mylapore.

Iniyaal- They are quite easy to maintain...once a month a give them a scrub with the powder' Pitambari' or Tamarind pulp.

Priya- Thanks once again for inviting me:-)

Rekha said...

lovely ideas, brass artifacts never go out of style as long as u use them creatively. Nice pics as always..

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I am looking into u'r website..I love this site ..Madhavi ( USA )

Shreedevi Nair-Pal said...

Your arrangements of lamps are very simple- hence really lovely. I collect antique bronze lamps from all over India, so if you see anything unusual could you post them on your site?
In exchange I will send you some pictures of lamps and how I display them!
Shree Nair-Pal

Latha said...

Dear Archana,

I chanced upon your lovely page barely 7 minutes back. I have no words to express my amazement. it's lovely and that's an understatement. what is that little piece in the last picture near the kerala lamp? looks like a kumkuma chimizh to me.

Trina said...

I enjoyed your simple elegant ideas.....thanks

Anonymous said...

beautiful minds.....

Swati said...

Lovely post. I will definitely try some of these ideas :) Thanks for sharing.

Jeswani said...

Please tell me from where we buy 50 pcs of these brass diyas for engagement ceremony

Confused SouL's said...

Brilliant..Awesome..Superduper like..

bharat dharaiya said...

Very nice

bharat dharaiya said...

Very nice

Jam L. said...

My aunt used to collect artifacts similar to these in her LaSalle apartments.

Rani Acharyulu said...

I too love brass vessels,lovely decor,and beautiful picks.

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