Sunday, January 17, 2010

Magazine Inspiration: Skona Hem

Hello! Welcome to a new week on Once Upon A Tea Time. I have finally got my energy back and can't wait to get started. We are in for some rain storms here in Northern California. Gusty winds and a steady drip-drop of rain. It's times like this, when it is so dark outside at 3 in the afternoon, that remind me why I choose to have cream, almost-white walls. Because of the light colored walls, the house seems to glow from within.
I spotted this home in Skona Hem and it shows that white can be the most soothing of colors. What do you think?

Just lovely!
All images from Skona Hem.


Christine said...

Love this house, the decor is modern and sophisticated. I wish I had room for a grouping of pictures like that. I'm going to add this to my inspiration folder!

Once Upon A Tea Time said...

Isn't it lovely?!

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