Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping Bag Finds: Kurtas from Rikshaw Design

I have been waiting for new block printed fabrics to emerge from Rikshaw Design studio ( i have blogged about them before). I checked back on their website yesterday and spotted these pretty kurtas. The reason I like them is because they have that East-Meets-West aesthetic which escorts a traditional art form like block printing into contemporary times.  Check out Rikshaw Designs here.

While you are there, do check out these cute outfits for kids too..
All images are from Rikshaw Designs. 

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sulagna ™ said...

Heyi i just started following your blog and i have my own little Zen corner, among the leather couch and the fuschia pink drapes!! thank you so much for givng me such a brilliant idea to make my home a lil more...droolworthy :)

following you religiously now..

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