Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, Over a cup of tea

The last day of the year is almost here! Thank you to all of you who have shared this year (and many cups of tea) with me. I hope that you have found something here to delight and inspire you.   The blog has been a  source of sheer FUN and I have enjoyed the ride!  Thanks to my wonderful sponsors for their continued support. 

I am going to be traveling back home to California this New Year weekend and will be back to blogging on Jan 3rd or 4th 2011. I am leaving you with pictures of some of the many pots and cups of tea that I have shared with the blog ..and you, of course!
See you in the New Year, my lovelies! 

All images are taken by my and copyrighted to Once Upon A Tea Time. 


purplehomes said...

love your collection of teapots & teacups. Wishing you & your family a very happy new year.

The Cute Corner House said...

Thats an awesome collection..esp the brown mug as well as the last one is totally me..

Happy New Year :-)

omanhi said...

i think u r doing an amazing work, i love all about your blog <3

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