Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hello, lovely people! I am running around town finishing errands as I get ready for my trip to India and I am tired. I don't like change very much, so I fluctuate between excitement at seeing my parents and trepidation about packing and traveling and being away from home. (I was looking through old posts and I have posted similar thoughts before other long trips I have taken.) I will be okay (and happy :)) once we actually start but until then, I am taking deep calming breaths. Because it's not until I start the journey will I remember that home is not just this place but anywhere where the 4 of us are together.  Do you ever feel that way?  
I will be in Dubai for a couple of days and I am looking forward to that- when I was younger, it was my family's favorite haunt for the holidays. We would drive over from Muscat where we lived and take in the sights, shop, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in Dubai. It will be fun to see it through my boys' eyes! 
 How are YOU doing?  Are you traveling during the holidays? Or are you spending it at home?

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GB said...

I wish I could say I was travelling too. But it seems like the india trip is going to be postponed once again.

I SO hear you on the trepidation part--I'm like that too---I can feel my back muscles tensing just at the thought!LOL! :D but you're right, it all works out in the end. Hope you have a safe and happy trip. and try to relax (really!).

afleetingglimpse said...

Have a great holiday! Visiting places with children years after you have can lend a very diffrent perspective to a place, for sure :). LOVE those pink shoes!

Once Upon A Tea Time said...

@GB, it's a holiday but also a way to check on my parents who have had a difficult year health-wise. So, I worry and tense up but when I get there, its harder to come back :).
@afleetingglimpse, Yes, it does give you a totally new perspective. Thank you!

Kamini said...

Have a great trip Priya! Call me from wherever you are if you have time, cos I know how busy these India trips can get! Good health to your folks!

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