Friday, July 30, 2010

Have a great weekend!

Okay, thats it for this week! This picture is from the catalog of Australian furniture, home-ware and interior design and styling company Coco Republic. Browse their catalog for some retro and stylish inspiration. I chose this photograph to end the week because I might be traveling to India again next Friday and planes and suitcases and places around the world are on my mind :). Have a great weekend and I will see you on Sunday, August 1st because I have some exciting news that I will be sharing! Have fun!

Friday Links: Affordable ikat from Oriental Creations

Affordable ikat cushion covers in both silk and cotton from Oriental Creations. Visit them here.
Link sent in by amazing intern, BlueMist. Image from Oriental Creations.

Friday Links: Allem Studio

I have blogged about Allem studio before and was happy to hear from them yesterday about their new products. Their designs were already stylish but they have surpassed themselves with this collection! I especially adore the Chetak and Dulaari round pillows. Here is a sampling of my favorite ones...

Allem Studio now has an online store, so grab your wallets and get going! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inspiration: Svenkst Tenn and Josef Frank

A new source of inspiration for me is the Stockholm, Sweden-based interior design company, Svenskt Tenn (the words mean Swedish Pewter). They have been around for a long time but I think only recently established an online presence. Svenkst Tenn was founded in 1924 by Estrid Erickson and one of their most prominent designers was Josef Frank, architect, interiors, furniture and textile-designer beyond compare! If you love vivid patterns, you will drool, as I do, over the fabrics of Josef Frank. They bring nature and its colors and exuberance into your home.

This pattern, Textile Hawaii, was designed by Frank and inspired by images of the "Trees of Life from the north side of the Indian peninsula."(source: Svenkst Tenn). I remember Anthropologie selling a sofa upholstered in this pattern a few years ago. The thing about bold fabrics like this is that you could put a sofa in this pattern in a room and you really don't need any other embellishment! Svenkst Tenn offers bags in these patterns too. 
Visit Svenskt Tenn here and be inspired by Josef Frank!
Images are taken from and copyrighted to Svenkst Tenn; Sofa image from Anthropologie.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shopping Bag Finds and Inspiration: Alma Pottery

I am in LOVE with the pottery created by Lavinia Hanachiuc of Alma Pottery on Etsy. The first ones that lured me to her Etsy shop were these delicate trumpet flower bells- they look so pretty lined up in a row. 
And because I like everything organized and just so and am always on the lookout for beautiful bottles and jars to store things, I fell for these little jars with the felt flower pincushion on the lid...
The face on the jar is of Jizo or Kshitigarbha, one of the 4 Bodhisattvas from East Asian Buddhism. Also, depicting Jizo is this beautiful bead..
Aren't they gorgeous? There is so much peace and calm on that face. 
To see more of Alma Pottery's creations, click here
All images copyright Alma Pottery.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Must visit: Mission San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano
We visited the lovely Mission San Juan Capistrano when we were in LA- I had been there a few years ago but this time we stayed longer and really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the Spanish architectural style. 
More pictures can be found on my Flickr stream.
Walls of the mission

Decorative tile at the Mission

Painted ceiling at the Mission

(All pictures taken by me. See more pictures here.)

In love with: Spanish Colonial style

After my romp through Southern California, I am more enamored of Spanish Colonial style than ever. This style is influenced by the Spanish colonization of portions of the United States in the late 1700's and early 1800's; the style was revived by many architects in the early 20th century, hence the term Spanish Colonial Revival. (Read more about the historical facts here and here.) Identifying features to watch for include sloping tile roofs, creamy or white walls, courtyards, wooden beams on ceilings, wrought iron fixtures, Moorish arches, hand-painted tiles-I could go on and on. The result is a building that exudes romance and embraces nature. Here are some examples from around the web...
(Architectural Digest; photography by Mary E. Nichols)

(Architectural Digest; photography by Mary E. Nichols)

A really beautiful example of the Spanish Revival style is this Ojai home decorated by designer Kathryn M. Ireland- i have featured her work before and I am big fan! DROOL!!

Inside the Ojai home.


                                    (All pictures of the Ojai home via here)

What do you say? Do you like this style? Yes? No? Write in and join the conversation!

Hello Tuesday

I am back from my trip. What a difference a few days away from the routine makes!
I am feeling really refreshed :). How are you doing? I thought I would start off the week with this pretty Porcelain Wallpaper from Studio Ditte. I saw it make the rounds of the blogosphere a week or two back but it seems appropriate to post it now, when I am inspired by all the pretty blue and white china in Solvang (its a Danish settlement north of Santa Barbara).
"After browsing through china cabinets and antique markets for porcelain gems, Studio Ditte presents the porcelain wallpaper. Stacks of saucers represent looking back at a cosy tea moment." (Studio Ditte)
That really resonates with me because I am all about "cosy tea moments"! 
It feels good to be back!

Visit Netherlands-based Studio Ditte here

Monday, July 26, 2010


(Clock tower in Solvang)

Hello and welcome to a new week! This weekend, we drove south of the Bay area, stopping at some towns (San Luis Obispo, Solvang, Santa Barbara) on the way and then onward to San Diego. It was a trip unlike the normal edge-of-the-cliff and hiking-into-canyon kind that my husband and two boys usually thrive on. This was one was for me- small towns, the beautiful Mission church at San Luis Obsipo, antique stores along the way, souvenir shopping in Solvang..just lovely. We also stopped for tea at the famous Mortensen's Bakery accompanied by yummy Danish pastries. 
Walking in downtown San Luis Obispo, and browsing through the antique stores..bliss!

I am biased but honestly, California is one of the best places to live! 
I will be back home and back to regular posting tonight.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yay for the weekend!

Have a great weekend! Some beautiful inspiration from Amy Butler Design Studio ... remind you of the giveaway of 5 sewing patterns. Enjoy!

Friday links: Tea with Etsy

Many readers have written to say that the name Once Upon A Tea Time is so appropriate because they find that they browse the blog accompanied by a cup of tea (or coffee:) and enjoy the many pretty and inspiring finds. Thanks, that is so good to hear! So, here is a sampling of beautiful tea-inspired handmade products available from Etsy today..
Teacup necklace from Etsy seller, itsastitch. I love this!!

Willow ware-inspired, hand-stamped teacup gift tags. I am going to order a few of these! Browse the makers of this tag, Catnip Studio Too here.

The Li'l Green mug from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics for all those occasions when a little cup won't do. I love the relief pattern on all her tea mugs.
 And to inspire you all the time (not just at teatime:), display the beautiful photographs of stacks of delicate teacups from Addie Designs. Enjoy!

Friday links: Tilonia

Talking of Indian artisans- and I am so glad so many of you found yesterday's NYTimes story awe-inspiring- here is an organization, Tilonia that supports Indian artisans and sells handmade products like block prints and bandhej to name just a few. Tilonia is a village in Rajasthan and is the home of the Barefoot College, a college that aims to improve the lives of people in rural communities. The Barefoot College is now operational in many other countries. Browse (and shop- its for a good cause!) their website here

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must read: NYTimes article..From untouchable to businesswoman

Inspiring article in the NYTimes about this amazing Indian artisan..Read it here.
Image credit: Kirsten Luce for the NYTimes.

Over a cup of tea: Being happy plus a giveaway

Hello! How are you today? I am fine. We are having a quiet summer though there is a flurry of kids activities to keep us busy. I am turning 38 next month and more and more, I find its the simpler things that make me the happiest. Working at what I love, doing my best, the kids' giggles, family and friends - pleasures and privileges that I don't want to take for granted. Okay, also add books, blogging and roaming through flea markets, thrift and antique stores to my list :). How about you? What makes you happy? When I first had the time to actually slow down and look at the world around me, I noticed how looking at beautiful pictures or objects or reading an article or blog post written from the heart made me feel happy and uplifted- I wanted to be part of that world and thats when I started blogging. So getting to the point of this post (finally!), I want to say thank you to each and every one of you for befriending me, reading my blog and allowing me to share the beautiful people and things I find. 
In other matters, I never heard back from the winner of the Amy Butler Designs giveaway and since I have been traveling and otherwise preoccupied with family health issues, I haven't had the chance to repost this. But I am going to do that right now- the giveaway includes 5 Midwest Modern sewing patterns courtesy of the Amy Butler Design Studios-
1. Gumdrop Pillows
2. Laptop cover and mp3 case
3. Frenchy bags
4. Midwest Mod Pillows
5. Stash and dash bags
Just leave me a comment if you are interested. The giveaway is open to all and the deadline to take part is July 31st. The winner will be picked randomly on the 1st of August. 
There are three other CSN giveaways taking place right now at the Mochatini, My Dream Canvas and Rainbow-the colors of India. So lots of fun and goodies to be had! Enjoy!

All pictures taken by me. The first two pictures are of baby's breath arranged in simple glass jars (preserve jars actually). I am on a self-imposed moratorium on buying more 'stuff'- hope it lasts. :) 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Magazine Inspiration: Pure Green Living

I have said this many times and I am going to say it again- we are so lucky to live in these times when inspiration from around the world can be found with a click on your computer. Here is another online magazine, Pure Green Living that "dedicates every page to stylish solutions for green living"- count me in!

A visual treat with a lot of practical solutions!

Images from Pure Green Living. Link via sfgirlbybay.

Update: You know you are a design blogger if the names in the magazine are familiar to you and that you have actually featured their pictures/products! 

Shopping Bag Finds: Thomas Paul

Another fabric-lovers' dream store! Visit Thomas Paul here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping Bag Finds: Matsya Crafts

Amazing paisley embroidered pillows from Matsya Crafts, an organization dedicated to preserving age-old Indian traditions, arts and crafts. 

Also check out their lovely hand-painted teracotta lanterns..
They ship within India and abroad. Contact them at
All images copyright Matsya. Thanks for sharing, Neha!

Kudos to Dia Living

This post is long overdue (but I am close to catching up on overdue stuff :). I loved the products from Dia Living and had featured them here. I did receive some emails from readers regarding the prices. So I wrote to them and Nadia of Dia Living sent in this reply..
"We understand the concern about prices. However, the textiles we are using are of highest quality, handmade, often antique and rare. These textiles cannot be mass produced and therefore come at a price. In addition, we pay fair prices to artisans and do not negotiate them unfairly to bring our costs down. So, in our view, while these may be a little more than other products out there, we hope our reasons justify the cost, and we're very confident that they will last for many years to come."
Kudos to Dia Living and thanks for replying and taking the time to address readers' concerns! So remember this, and go ahead and check out Dia Living. I especially love these scarves..

Loving this: Operation NICE

started out my day feeling a little blue but thanks to a morning in bed (rare bliss!) with a piping hot cup of chai, I am feeling a lot better. Better enough to blog. So, hello Tuesday! Hope you are having a wonderful week. Here is some inspiration to make your day! Operation NICEThis was one of the first blogs I bookmarked for a daily read because the premise that its based on is so simple yet so important.. be nice. It was started by Melissa Morris Ivone whose "goal in life is to be as nice as I can possibly be" and she is hoping you will be too!
Go on, be nice! You know you want to! Stumped for ideas? Visit Operation Nice here for inspiration.
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