Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring

In celebration of spring.2
Today is the first official day of spring though the flowers in our garden didn't know that. They arrived over a month ago and we have been treated to wave after wave of pink and white blooms. In honor of spring, I want to share with you a glimpse of our backyard- the fruit trees with their showy blossoms, the steadily-growing tall jacaranda, the tea tree, the ever-faithful ficus and ivy, the glorious pine- all the glossy greens highlighted by the red terra-cotta tile patio and rustic benches built from reclaimed redwood.
It is my husband's little oasis and you could be forgiven for thinking that we lived in the middle of a forest with only the birds and squirrels for company. It offers many moments of peace and quiet, many gorgeous views to rest your eyes on and many beautiful spots in which to enjoy a cup of tea.
In celebration of spring.5

In celebration of spring.1

In celebration of spring.3

In celebration of spring.4
Happy Spring!

Image credits: Taken by me few weeks ago.


Augusta Tina said...

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GB said...

Like an oasis---beautiful!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful. Where do you stay?

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