Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kilim Love

I know many of us are heading towards warmer weather but I had to share this photoshoot from Alt I Hemmet (Sweden) with gorgeous kilims everywhere. This is definitely my kind of room with all the earthy warm tones against the coolness of the walls. If I were an expert on ethnic textiles, I would be able to tell you why red, greens and dark blues were so commonly used- the availability of those dyes maybe? All I can say is that you can't go wrong with that combination. Does it appeal to you? 

Credits/ copyright/links: The article was on Alt I Hemmet and was by MARIE DELICE KARLSSON AND HELEN STRAUSS. Photography is by Clive Tompsett

1 comment:

e2d said...

Absolutely loving this!I agree with can never go wrong with red, green and dark blue.
The rug in the second image--I want it so badly!:)

You have a lovely blog and I'll be dropping in more often. :)

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