Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is Pretty

I am just popping in to say Hello! The fall semester is almost here and I head back to grad school. It promises to be fun AND stressful. This week, though, I am taking it a little easy. If you like Once Upon A Tea Time, then you definitely believe in the power of gorgeous pictures to lift your spirits. Here are some pictures from my week that I hope will reach across the miles and bring a smile to your face. Just get that cup of tea and come along. I will leave you to guess where each one was taken!

(This one was so much fun!)

Image credits: OUATT; All pictures taken by me and magicked with Instagram.


Divya said...

Hard to pick but my fav for now is the queen anne silver and the coral trinket box. And the festively lit tree (i can hear old bollywood music in the background when i see that one!):)

Once Upon A Tea Time said...

Yes, there was :)

Anonymous said...

ofcourse LIFE IS PRETTY.


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