Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simone Camille Bags

I know they are super expensive but I am in love with the Simone Camille bags! The photographs don't do them justice. Imagine pairing these carry all bags with jeans and a sweater this fall? I am totally craving this pale pink embroidered Buxton bag. Visit Simone Camille here.

Image credits/links/copyright: Simone Camille.

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Srivani Durgaraju said...

I noticed the craze for banjara bags among the hollywood celebs I get it!
No wonder they are super expensive.
What a shame! This cultural plagiarism is not fair to the real artisans. Under the guise of being an "artist" or "designer", people are exploiting true ART!!!
Creativity lost its meaning in the recent years. Sigh!

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