Support The Artisans Project

I am a huge fan of many arts and crafts from around the world and I am in total awe of the talent and creativity of the artisans. I want to help bring greater attention to the work of  organizations that support the artisans and to products created by them- which is why I would like to offer FREE advertising to these institutions in the form of blog posts and link 
backs to their website. If you know of or are a part of such organization, please email
me. I am especially hoping to find  small organizations from all over the world that need to get the word out about their efforts. The products can be clothing, items and fabrics for the home, bags etc. 
I would appreciate it if you could help spread the word on Facebook, twitter or via your blog 
or website.  I am really looking forward to hearing from people all over the world!

The following organizations have been featured as part of this ongoing project: 
(Just click on the titles to read all about them)

                                                        The Color Caravan

                                                      Pokaran Arts at Fort Pokaran

                                                                            One Lemon

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