Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Kathryn Ireland

Designer Kathryn Ireland (about whom I have blogged here, here and here) designs the most beautiful fabrics, has an online store and now, has also opened a studio/atelier in West Hollywood. As you can see from these pictures (from the LA Times), it's a gorgeous and colorful space. The only trouble would be having to choose! DROOL! I could just live here!

Images are from Kathryn Ireland and the LA Times.

Over a cup of tea...the week that was and blogging come what may.

More tea in pretty cups..

Hello! What a week that was. Lots of work at work, another deadline elsewhere leaving me too busy to blog. It was also a time to think about a blogging schedule. It does take a fair amount of time to put together the blog posts because I like to post everyday. I am sure it is what every blogger goes through- to blog or not to blog is not the question :)(i can't imagine stopping) it is more a question of how to fit it all into the time available. What do you do? How do you make it work? Do share how you blog. Daily, weekly or when inspirations hits? I  like my favorite blogs to post often because of  all the beautiful creativity they share- it inspires and recharges me. And that is what I like to do with my blog too- post often and post 'beautiful'. 
So after a point, you are blogging not just for your self but for all those who read your posts. And a schedule becomes even more important ..bringing us back to where we began.
 So, how do YOU blog?

(I am in love with these cups from Anthropologie and have been taking far too many pictures of them.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello Monday-almost-gone-by and a photographer portfolio

How are you? Monday has come later than usual to the blog (I didn't hear my alarm clock today morning and that resulted in a crazy day). How was your weekend? I love hearing from you, so do drop by to say Hello. Another grey and cold day here in Northern California. Which is why I want you to join me on this wonderful trip through photographer Sang An's portfolio. The locations are dreamy, the light is golden and the photography is amazing.

Believe me, this is where I'd like to be!

Visit Sang An Photography here. All images copyrighted to Sang An Photography.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Elsewhere on the web: NY Times

NY Times had this lovely London apartment home in its real estate section. Gorgeous wooden beams, white walls, a view of the Thames AND it has a romantic history as it was part of a "tapestry works, where tapestries were woven for royalty". SIGH!

To die for: the porcupine quill lampshade seen in the pictures.
I think you will like (some of you may love it and want to move in right away)it. Visit the article and pictures here.

All pictures by Jonathan Player for the NY Times.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Loving your home: Jutta in Oulu, Finland

Hello! And how are you today? It has been pouring here in California. So much rain that the hills have turned green, seemingly overnight! I am sharing pictures of a home in Oulu, Finland. Jutta is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She lives here with her husband and two dogs. The couple are renovating their wooden house that was built in the 1950's. They are using traditional methods like painting the walls with linseed oil paint and are decorating the home with vintage items and thrift store treasures. Jutta says that their home is a work in progress. I think they are progressing very nicely :).

I love this chair! I can't tell completely from the picture but it looks like a combination telephone table plus Rococo-style chair made during the 1920's or 30's. Such a genteel way to talk on the phone rather than having it wedged between your ear and shoulder while your hands are occupied with everything else.

The turquoise walls make the wood shine. Turquoise, as you may know, is the official color of 2010. Jutta's styling skills are apparent in all the pictures and she creates small
oases for the eye to rest on.

And what a contrast between the vintage typewriter and the Mac desktop! I am exceedingly partial to Mac's but these two machines look sleek and sophisticated in their own way.

I really want a weathered sideboard/ china buffet like this one! I am still trying to keep my New Year resolution of "buy not if you need not" but its getting harder. It would be lovely to have everything on display and a great way to add a splash of color when everything is grey outside.

 Jutta has a blog Kootut Murut where she talks about their ongoing home renovation. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your home, Jutta. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Over a cup of tea: What kind of home designer are you?

I like to feature homes that reflect the love the owners invest in them. I am not looking for picture perfect 'matchiness' as much as I am looking for diversity and creativity. So i tend to feature homes that are from different parts of the world, big homes, small homes and homes in every price range. People have different styles and while their style may be completely different from mine, I like to revel in the difference and enjoy it. Which brings me to my question: What kind of designer or decorator are you? I am not a professional designer or stylist but I know what I want my home to look like. I would call my style eclectic- sure, I have a few traditional pieces of art hanging in my home, but traditional Indian artwork, brass and silver ware live next to my flea-market purchases. I never hang 1 painting or artwork when I can hang 10 which means my walls are covered with frames. But that's me. How about you? Do you crave a traditional home? Are you a minimalist with a passion for sleek surfaces and less "stuff"? Or maybe you like vintage items? Or home design or decor is not really a channel via which you express yourself? Who are you? Join in the conversation and no tea isn't a requisite.

I have already featured these pictures of my home. It's an old home with brick and cream walls that I just love. I haven't had a chance to take new pictures as we are in the middle of a series of winter storms and the light has been really bad. Can't complain though as we really need the rain and everything looks beautiful and green.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This is the last one (catalog that is :)..

Ikea, 2010 catalog.

If I didn't know better, I would say the above picture was from the Anthropologie catalog and not Ikea's. Definitely a more stately look for Ikea.

I am loving the sleek and fashionable statement that this table makes!

Browse the catalog here.

C is for (more) Catalog love

John Robshaw's Spring 2010 catalog is available here. Lovely new patterns.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Magazine Inspiration: Skona Hem

Hello! Welcome to a new week on Once Upon A Tea Time. I have finally got my energy back and can't wait to get started. We are in for some rain storms here in Northern California. Gusty winds and a steady drip-drop of rain. It's times like this, when it is so dark outside at 3 in the afternoon, that remind me why I choose to have cream, almost-white walls. Because of the light colored walls, the house seems to glow from within.
I spotted this home in Skona Hem and it shows that white can be the most soothing of colors. What do you think?

Just lovely!
All images from Skona Hem.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hello, over a cup of tea..

Hello! Long time, no post?! At least, it feels that way. I was down with the flu. Lots of rest and tea recommended. It felt strange going into the New Year feeling so tired. But I am learning to listen to my body and take a break. I have been going on long walks, breathing in  the eucalyptus-scented air and I am back at my yoga class. I hope to be back to regular posting in a day or two. The good news is I have an intern. A wonderful intern, BlueMist, who is also at work getting posts ready. So, everything just got better...But enough about me. How are you?

The pictures are of my latest tea cup acquisitions. I took the pictures today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loving your home: Lisa Barrett in Canberra, Australia

Destination: Canberra, Australia
To the home of Lisa Barrett and her family. Lisa is an interior designer and the proprietor of Etsy store Tango and James where she sells fashionable items for the body and home.

 Interior design is not about perfectly coordinated furniture but  instead is a reflection of who you are and the life you lead. I am amazed at the diversity of styles that I have come across during my year (and a little more) of blogging. And the creativity is just mind-blowing! And so it is with Lisa, who has designed her home as a "colorful and fun expression of our lifestyle."

The words that come to mind are..hip, playful, bold and modern. The Amy Butler fabric throw on the couch is handmade by Lisa and the coffee table, another DIY project. She built it and hand painted the large camellia on it.

The home was featured in the Australian Home Beautiful magazine.

This playroom looks like a wonderful place to curl up for story time.

A very talented and creative lady! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!
All images are courtesy of and copyrighted to Lisa Barrett. You can visit Lisa at her Etsy store here.

C is for Catalog (love)

C is for Catalog love. I hadn't visited the Pottery Barn website in a long while but when I did, I realized they will always be my first love for the timeless feel to their furniture and their
l-o-v-e-l-y bedding!
 Their catalog is now online, view it here.

All images from Pottery Barn.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Magazine Inspiration: House Beautiful, Feb 2010

House Beautiful magazine's Feb 2010 issue reads like a list of my favorite things. Page after page of beautiful fabrics (ikats), John Robshaw, Kathryn Ireland, the loveliest colors and varied styles of houses. Definitely a swoon-worthy issue.

I loved this Kathryn Ireland-designed house showcasing her casual elegance and the most gorgeous fabrics.

All images from House Beautiful, Feb 2010.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Loving your home: Liselotte in Aalborg, Denmark

Welcome to a storybook cottage! A brick-red cottage, tall white windows surrounded by a garden full of lupins and lilacs and a path lined by lavender bushes. D-R-O-O-L! This is the home of Liselotte Weller and her family in Aalborg, Denmark. 

Yes, I know you are in love! I am too and we shall get through it together :).
Liselotte is an illustrator and art director among other things. 

If this isn't the most cosy dining room ever!

I could write practically anything I want, and you wouldn't even notice because you, my friend, are scrolling down frantically to see all these gorgeous pictures. So, I won't even try..

And they lived happily ever after!
You can find Liselotte and her lovely illustrations (like this one below) here and here.

All images courtesy of and copyrighted to Liselotte Weller.
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