Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary Interior Design

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Contemporary Interior Design

You can refresh your living space with modern flair, using contemporary interior design. The sleek lines and smooth textures of this style create an inviting and interesting space. It's a mistake to think of this style as uncomfortable and spare. The new contemporary interior design is clean and smooth, but livable. Contemporary interior design can impart a modern feeling no matter what kind of living space you have.

Furniture for contemporary interior design is sleek and linear. Simply finished wood, steel, or other clean finishes are desirable. Old-fashioned or traditional pieces are out of place here. You can mix and match styles of furniture if you stay within the same tone and material range for all pieces, such as brushed steel. Wooden pieces tend to either be dark or very light to provide contrast.

Window treatments are generally clean and without frills. Blinds in wood or bamboo are popular, as are simple shades in lightly textured fabric. Using such materials as wool, slubbed silk, and linen provides a contrast to the many shiny surfaces common in contemporary interior design. Don't go overboard and use too many, or you'll risk spoiling the effect. Complicated patterns are also to be avoided, as they provide a cluttered look.

contemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior designcontemporary interior design Splashes of color bring interest to the generally neutral palette in contemporary interior design. Bold tones can be incorporated in accessories and accents like lamps, artwork, and rugs. Paintings and sculpture should be chosen in styles that go with the rest of the themes. Abstracts or expressionistic work often go well. Pay attention to the colors in your artwork, so that they don't clash or interfere with what you plan to use elsewhere in the room. Accessories should generally be clean and without frills or excessive decoration. Naturalistic, organic forms provide excellent contrast to sharp edges and vice versa.

How you light your room can play a big part in how it is perceived. Track lighting, recessed lighting, and standalone lamps are popular. The old time ceiling light is less desirable. When locating fixtures for lighting your room, look for modern stylings and simple, bold finishes. Accent lamps can be bright, colorful affairs, but one or two colors in the piece is usually sufficient. You can also use simple wood or steel lamps with undecorated shades.

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